Brian Faghan

Hi, I’m Brian Faghan

I am the owner of Long Pond Physical Therapy and serving the Plymouth area for almost 20 years now, in that role.  You’ll also find me active in the business community as a board member of both the Plymouth Area and Pembroke Chambers of Commerce.  Personally I am a proud dad of three great kids that keep my weekends filled with activities.  As far as the skydiving goes, it’s something I have always wanted to do…yes it’s a bucket lister, but for one reason or another never followed through.  Whether it was time, money, availability, motivation…something always kept me from jumping.  I have no excuses at this time. 

I do have personal and family ties to the military.  Both my grandfather and father gave much of themselves in the military.  I have friends that have served overseas.  I have treated many of the men and women that have given themselves for this country.  I have hired and am proud to work with one of my staff, Meghan, that has also sacrificed a great deal as she served our nation and protected our freedoms.  This is why I would like to jump and support Heidrea for Heroes.  H4H is a local organization founded by local servicemen looking to support those troops transitioning back into civilian roles…and that’s why I’d like to help out H4H. I know my donations stay local and is going towards a great cause.

Donors:  While the number of donors visible on this ticker is limited, rest assured that each skydiver regularly receives lists of his/her supporters. If you donated and received a confirmation reply, you are in the tally and will be on the updated lists.