Roxanne Whitbeck
Plymouth VSO

Hello,  my name is Roxanne Whitbeck and I am the Veteran Service Officer for the Town of Plymouth and Plympton.  I have been in this position for approximately 8 years as the Director in both towns, and 2 years as the Administrative Assistant in Plymouth prior to taking over as Director.  During my 10 year tenure here I have been able to help countless veterans.  Either through our state sponsored program MGL chapter 115, which provides financial assistance to Veterans and their families that are 200% percent below the poverty level or helping veterans file claims under the VA federal program.   Jumping has always been on my bucket list.  I will jump in honor of my son who is currently serving as a Fleet Marine @ Camp Lejeune.  I am so proud of his continued service to our country.  I am honored to be able to work with Heidrea for Heroes.  Their mission of helping Veterans’ is second to none. 

As the Veteran Service Officer for Plymouth and Plympton, Roxanne is highly regarded for her outstanding work on behalf of veterans.  In 2010, she received the honor of being named the Outstanding Veteran Service Officer of the Year for Massachusetts with the Ganno/Brown Award for Excellence.   Roxanne, a Navy veteran, is a trusted resource for H4H and we’ve had the pleasure of serving several veterans whom Roxanne referred to us for assistance.  We are thrilled to have Roxanne joining the Skydive Challenge! 


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