Stephanie Clougherty

Hello!  My name is Stephanie M. Clougherty. 

I am a member of the Carver School Committee, and a Carver Girl Scout Leader as well as a Regional Delegate for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. As a Girl Scout Leader, I always encourage the girls in my Troop to be courageous, brave, & strong while striving to achieve their goals & while giving back to their communities.  We participate in several events honoring Veterans in Carver every year including flag placement for Veterans at Lakenham Cemetery, weeding & planting flowers at memorials, marching in the annual Memorial Day Parade, & showing our thanks at the annual Veterans Day breakfast where the girls make centerpieces, goodies for the Veterans to enjoy, posters & placemats as well recite poems they’ve written and singing songs.  
This is an opportunity to accomplish one of my life goals while giving back to Veterans. Skydiving has always been on my bucket list, so this event presents the perfect opportunity for me to be courageous, brave, and strong while raising funds for Veterans who need our support. 
I am honored to be participating in the Heidrea for Heroes 2nd Annual Skydive Challenge as many of my family members have served in the Armed Forces. 
My husband served in the Army like his father & grandfather before him, and he graduated from the Airborne Program at Fort Benning.  My uncle served in the Marines, and his son, my cousin, is currently serving in the US Coast Guard. 
Please help me reach my fundraising goals for the Heidrea for Heroes 2nd Annual Skydive Challenge!  Every dollar counts, and every dollar will have a positive impact on the life of a Veteran. 


Donors:  While the number of donors visible on this ticker is limited, rest assured that each skydiver regularly receives lists of his/her supporters. If you donated and received a confirmation reply, you are in the tally and will be on the updated lists.