Heidrea for Heroes will provide the tools and equipment to enhance the quality of life for our injured veterans, inspiring countless possibilities as they transition back to civilian life.Learn more
Vision. Innovation. Collaboration. Dedication. Team. This is Heidrea for Heroes: a high-integrity, results-driven, forward-thinking organization with focus on both short- and long-term impact. Learn more
A variety of equipment can offer veterans with disabilities the chance to enjoy the outdoors, build confidence, and have positive interaction with friends and families. Learn more

Heidrea for Heroes

Sometimes, coming home is just the beginning of another battle. That’s why we are committed to serving and supporting veterans in need. We are Heidrea for Heroes.

Heidrea for Heroes, Inc., was established in 2013 on the founding principles of appreciation and respect for those who serve our country in the Armed Services. To honor the many sacrifices suffered by veterans and their families, we give back with support and services that lift burdens experienced in civilian life. The resources we provide may offer short-term relief or long-term impact for improving lives and increasing self-sufficiency and professional development. Our service area is southeastern Massachusetts.

Each and every day, we provide relief to veterans facing hardships by way of adaptive housing renovations, vehicle modifications, qualifying home repairs, specialized mobility equipment, veteran/family support and workforce readiness programs.  Details can be found on this site or by calling our office.  We are here to help.