Veterans who are enrolled in a college degree program and have pre-school age children (or younger) who require daycare in order for them to attend classes can apply to H4H for relief funds to offset some of those childcare expenses.  
Juggling the responsibilities of college coursework and parenting responsibilities can be a daunting challenge. Our goal at Heidrea for Heroes is to assist veterans in attaining their college degree on a traditional time track by helping to ease the expense burden of childcare.
In order to be eligible for this program, your child(ren) need to be registered with a childcare provider licensed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For a list of licensed providers through the MA Department of Early Education and Care, search via  

An application is required, and this is a limited opportunity.  Apply below or contact us at or 774-773-3951 for more information.  Funds are capped per veteran and this is a one-time benefit to be used for the academic year.  In addition to submitting the application, each veteran must submit the following via email to or fax at 774-773-3955 to be considered:
  • Copy of DD214
  • Copy of a valid MA ID
  • Record of your college enrollment for the academic year
  • Record of your child’s childcare registration, or letter confirming registration status from your childcare provider
  • Bank statements for past three months

Childcare Support Application

All applicants need to provide answers to the following questions







Spouse Name (if applicable)

Number of Dependents(if applicable)



How Did You Hear About Us?*

Military Branch*

Military Job Title*

Years of Service (Date Range)*

Highest Rank*

Please list any oversees military tours you participated in, and describe your role/experience.

Did you suffer any injuries from active duty? Please describe (optional).

Are you Currently Employed?

If yes, list employer:

Which higher education institution or advanced vocational training program are you attending:

Are you currently enrolled in a degree program?

What year of study are you in?

What degree program are you enrolled in?

How many children need childcare with a licensed childcare provider?

Please list their ages:

In order to be eligible for this program, your child(ren) need to be registered with a licensed childcare provider for service. Please provide the following for the childcare provider:





Do you have other school-age children?

If so, please list their ages/grades?

Please share any additional information that would be helpful for us to know as we consider your application.

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