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On an ongoing basis, veterans can apply for assistance via an online form, found at, or by calling 774-773-3951 to have a hard copy application mailed to them. The organization’s main office is located at 10 Cordage Park Circle in Plymouth and is open weekly Monday through Thursday; appointments are recommended if a veteran would like to meet one-on-one with one of our representatives.  

Adaptive Housing and Vehicle Modifications

Many times, veterans with significant disabilities require modifications to their homes or vehicles in order to use their mobility equipment. These modifications (ramps, widened doorways, voice activation equipment, etc.) are costly and often unaffordable for individual veterans to absorb. Without them, however, life is needlessly more difficult for those to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.

Veteran Family Support

The road a veteran must travel after suffering injury while deployed is often a long one. Frequently, they are sent to a military hospital away from their home state (such as Walter Reed in Maryland) for treatment and recovery. It is during this time that veterans and families need the most help. Funding to assist with mortgage payments, essential bills, or even a travel visit from a loved one can make a tremendous difference during this time of temporary hardship.

Specialized Equipment

A variety of equipment can offer veterans with disabilities the chance to enjoy the outdoors, build confidence, and have positive interaction with friends and families. From adaptive bicycles and mono-skis to all-terrain wheelchairs for hunting and prosthetics for athletics, today’s technology allows the disabled to have a range of mobility if they can only access it. Activities such as these instill confidence and positive thinking that improves overall quality of life.

Qualified Home Repairs

All homeowners know that maintaining a home is costly and ongoing. H4H accepts applications for support of home repairs that are needed for the health and safety of the veteran’s household. Leaking windows, damaged roofs, plumbing issues, safety railings, stair repairs, and more are among the types of projects that H4H has taken care of for veterans across the region.

Click here to complete an application for services.