Jesse G. Brown, Co-Founder/

Jesse is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served from 1995-1999 as a Field  Radio Operator. His stations included Okinawa, Japan; Camp Pendleton in the 1st Marine Division, and the USS Anchorage as part of Operation Southern Watch. Jesse enlisted in the service directly out of high school, ended his military career as Sergeant, and following his transition back to civilian life he began a career in the wireless industry. He co-founded Heidrea Communications LLC where he is currently the Director of Operations.

Jesse is deeply committed to supporting veterans through their challenges and maintains connections throughout the veteran community through his leadership of Heidrea for Heroes.

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Chris Pleibel, Treasurer

Chris’ professional career has been focused in the wireless industry for 18 years, currently in the position of Director of Sales at Perfect-10 Wireless. He also currently serves as President of the Pennsylvania Wireless Association, which has a track record of philanthropic support for both veterans and industry peer initiatives.


Laura Buckley, Clerk

Laura is the Assistant Dean of Quincy College, Plymouth campus. In addition, Laura has extensive public sector experience at the local, state, and federal levels of government, ranging from the Department of the Navy to Capitol Hill.

Laura is an actively involved military spouse who was appointed to the executive boards of the Military Spouses Club, and served as the official Ombudsman for a deployable unit.

Mariano (“JR”) Pimentel

J.R. is the Human Resources Development Officer at Bristol County Savings Bank. In this role, he has worked with several school systems, community partnerships, and non-profits in the areas of workforce development, planning, HR practices and education.

Harry Titus

Harry is an Army combat veteran of the Vietnam War.  In tribute to his fellow veterans, Harry spearheaded group effort to build a life-size replica of a Huey helicopter in 2011.  The project involved 50 volunteers, took over 6 months to build, and since its completion, this symbol of the Vietnam War has appeared in the Plymouth Thanksgiving Parade and other community events around the South Shore.  Harry is the Owner of Signarama in Kingston, MA.

We also recognize the contribution of Heidrea for Heroes’ other Co-Founder:


 Matthew Mastroianni

Matt is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, having served from 1999-2003 and specializing as a Rifleman. He was stationed out of Camp Pendleton in the 1st Marine Division and served in Operations Iraqi Freedom with the rank of Sergeant. Matt also enlisted in the Marines straight from high school and after working in the wireless industry for several years, he Co-Founded Heidrea Communications LLC and currently acts as their Field Operations Manager.

Matt has a strong personal dedication to giving back to military veterans from his own community and throughout Massachusetts and considers Heidrea for Heroes to be a perfect vehicle for that ongoing commitment.